Episode One – Intentional Friendship


It’s no secret that building and maintaining friendships can be challenging as adults. Where do you meet people? Can you be friends with people in different life stages? Is it possible for parents to be close friends with people without kids? How do you make yourself vulnerable? How do busy people make time for their friends?

With the help of some amazing friends, I’m learning that it takes intention to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships. I am beyond grateful that four of my girlfriends were willing to share their hearts on “Intentional Friendship” for Episode One of the Intentional Chatter Podcast!

Allow me to introduce you to “The Sophisticrafts…”

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Show Notes

Want the back-story on the studio that the ladies keep referring to? You can read about it here.

Here is the infamous “bathroom sticker project.” That final hanging “s” is clearly the work of master crafters.


And, in keeping with the bathroom theme, here are some of the pictures Liz has shared with us from her international travels.


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