My alignment-based approach is unique, and I love to share practical ways to actually practice this thing called Yoga. Intentions will include pose basics, therapeutic applications of yoga, and Ayurveda information. You can take classes from me in your own home via my Virtual Yoga Studio.

Episode 6 – The Difference Between Easy and Ease (Podcast)

Difference Between Easy and Ease

I wasn’t sure I could muster up an intention this week, friends. There is just so much hard in our world right now. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know one thing. Nobody ever changed the world (or their health) with easy. They usually have a commitment to ease though. This week, I’m talking about the difference between easy and ease.

Plus, I’m sharing my tips for beginning a meditation practice – a wonderful tool for cultivating ease.

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1) Before I meditate, I like to do a few yoga poses to get out of my head and into my body. Even just a few minutes with one of these yoga shorts is enough. Or a breathing practice like this or this.

2) It is so helpful to take little meditation breaks, like this one, throughout the day when you feel stressed or anxious.

3) In addition to regular movement throughout the day, I find restorative yoga poses so helpful for cultivating ease.

Comment below and tell me…

Do you have a mediation practice? What tips can you share with others for getting started?

How do you cultivate ease in the midst of hard?

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Episode 5 – The Best Things in Life Can’t Be Hacked (Podcast)

wooden cut texture
We are a hack-loving culture! We want short cuts, quick fixes and convenience. But what if the best things in life, like health and happiness, can’t be hacked?

And, I’m answering a question about how best to sit at your desk all day!

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1) Learn how to stay off your tailbone while sitting with this yoga break.

2) Improve the way you get out of your chair with this yoga break.

3) Keep this page open on your computer or mobile device all day long, and take regular movement breaks!

Comment below and tell me…

What are your ideas for having a dynamic workstation? How do you keep your body moving at your desk?

How do you incorporate movement into the fabric of your day?

Do you have a question you’d like me to answer in a future episode?

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Episode 4 – Fresh Starts (Podcast)

I am thrilled to debut a new podcast name and format today! I’m changing things up, because I want to help you blur the line between your yoga mat and your life. With regular, short but sweet episodes, The Only Yoga Podcast will equip you to move, and live, with intention!

Fresh Start | The Only Yoga Podcast
This week we are talking about fresh starts. Do you believe a Wednesday afternoon at 2:07 holds the power for a new beginning? I do…let me show you how. Plus, I answer a student question about where to get started with a new yoga practice.

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This week we are standing up!

1) Improve the way you get out of your chair with this yoga break.

2) Sit on the floor at least three times a day this week. Try to return to standing without using your arms. You can strengthen your legs and glutes with this yoga break.

Comment below and tell me…

Did you try the fresh start visualization? Where did you “travel” to?

Can you get up from the floor without using your arms and hands?

Do you have a question you’d like me to answer in a future episode?

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Move for Fun

Weekly Yoga Home Practice Intention: Move for the fun of it!

Have you ever watched kids at the playground? They are not running, climbing, sliding and swinging from monkey bars to “get their workout in.” It is a form of play for them. They enjoy it! Smiles adorn their cute little faces as they move their bodies.

Can you remember how to playfully move? Is it possible to be so completely present with your body and the sensations of stretching and strengthening that joy naturally arises? Can you smile as you move?

On the mat experiment with some balancing poses-they easily invoke a spirit of play. Then, see if you can playfully move throughout your day. Don’t move to check it off your to do list; move because it’s fun!

A Signal to Grow

Home Yoga Practice Intention: A Signal to Grow

Bones are a fascinating thing. As we go about our day, we are either signaling our bones to strengthen or weaken. I’ve spent time pouring over the research, and there appears to be no middle ground, no option to remain unchanged. Our bones will either grow stronger or weaker today.

Let’s help them to grow stronger. We need to send them a mechanical signal by compressing or squeezing the fluid inside the bones. How do we do that? We ask the bones to bear weight. And I’m not talking about the 5-pound dumbbells collecting dust in your garage. We want each bone to bear the full and complete weight of the body above it. That only happens when our bones are in healthy alignment.

So, head to the mat. Spend some time concentrating on what it feels like to get the pelvis over the heels and the torso over the pelvis. Then, find that alignment all day long. Walk as much as possible in that alignment. It will be a practice of mindfulness. It will require you to strengthen muscles like your glutes, hamstrings and transverse abdominis. Stick with it though. It will also signal your bones to increase their density.

As you strengthen your bones this week, may you also strengthen your spirit. As life pushes and pulls on you, may it be a signal to grow. Just like your bones, there is no option to remain unchanged. You will either move closer to or further from your deepest intentions today. May you be strengthened to bear the weight required to move you toward them.

Let Go

Home Yoga Practice Intention: Let Go

Where do you hold tension? Maybe you hike your shoulders up toward your ears. Perhaps you clench your jaw. It’s possible that you make fists with your hands. When life is stressful or scary or even just annoying, you have a physical response. What is it?

You need to know what your tension habits are. Not so that you can identify them to your massage therapist. Not even so that you can do a yoga pose to target them. You need to know where you hold tension so that you can choose to let. it. go.

All the massaging and stretching will not help if your brain is constantly sending a message to your muscles to tense. Send a different message. Choose something else. Have your brain send a new signal to those hot spots, “Let go!”

This will require you to forge some new neurological pathways, so give yourself some reminders. Write “Let go!” on a few sticky notes. Put them all over the place – your steering wheel, your computer screen, above your kitchen sink.

And maybe, just maybe, this process of unraveling physical tension will free you to let go of other things you’re unnecessarily holding on to.

The Need to Finish

Home Yoga Practice Intention: Take a Journey That Has No Destination

We suffer from an addiction to completion. We love to cross things off the to do list. Our self worth is tied to the number of check marks that appear on that list at the end of the day. We bemoan and avoid projects, like the laundry, that are never done. “Why should I even bother with this, I’ll never finish.”

Yoga, especially the practice of weaving intentional movement into the fabric of our day, can help rid us of our need to finish. When we do something to move, stretch or strengthen our muscles every hour or two, we discover the journey that is missed when we cram all of our exercise into a single thirty-minute workout we can check off our list.

As you mindfully move your body throughout the day, may you be reminded of the joy that comes only from the journey. May this awareness erode the pressure you feel to finish and embolden you to take a journey that has no destination.

Take Small Steps

Yoga Practice Intention: Take Small Steps

Maybe there is a voice in your head that says, “If you can’t do it all right now, wait until you can.”  Don’t listen to that lie. Stomp it out with the truth that all progress, all growth, all change happens in increments. Harness the power of small steps

If you don’t have time for an hour-long practice, just do your favorite pose. Or your least favorite one. Or simply practice Savasana. Compare how you feel before and after. This is the key. This is how we harness the power of small steps…we notice it.

May the power you observe on the mat this week embolden small steps in every aspect of your life.

Don’t Resolve to Exercise!

Treadmill Workout
Yes, you read that right. This yoga teacher is begging you! Please, do NOT set a New Year’s Resolution to exercise regularly! Why? Don’t I care about your health and wellness? Don’t I want you to feel better, have more energy and experience less pain?

Of course I do! But exercise alone just isn’t the solution. Our body has both movement and alignment requirements. Not only is exercise incapable of satisfying our movement needs (just like it doesn’t work to eat all of your calories for the week in just three to five meals), it doesn’t teach us to restore healthy alignment (and often makes it worse)!

I have wonderful news for those of you who’ve struggled to make your health a priority in the past. It is much easier than you think to get aligned and moving! I’ve created a completely FREE 30-day email class to show you exactly how.

Barefoot FINAL

Each class email is short and sweet. First we talk about what healthy alignment in that part of the body looks like. Then I give you a single exercise you can do, in the middle of your typical day, in under three minutes! Of course you’ll need to slide off your shoes and sometimes grab a chair or a towel, but these exercises are all designed to be done quickly and easily wherever you find yourself. (Stay-at-Home Yoga Premium members will have access to a class page that contains videos demonstrating each of the exercises. You can start a one-month FREE trial today and have access to those as well!)

At the end of this boot barefoot camp, you will have a full repertoire of movements that you can do throughout your day. You have nothing to lose and your health and wellness to gain. Go ahead, sign up now. You’ll get your first class email the morning after you sign up!

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Here’s the class schedule:

Day 1: Regular Movement > Exercise
Day 2: Toes
Day 3: Arches
Day 4: Heels
Day 5: Ankles
Day 6: Calves
Day 7: Knees
Day 8: Hamstrings
Day 9: Quads
Day 10: Glutes
Day 11: Inner Thighs
Day 12: Outer Thighs
Day 13: Pelvis
Day 14: Pelvic floor
Day 15: Sacrum & Sacroiliac joint
Day 16: Piriformis
Day 17: Psoas
Day 18: Core
Day 19: Spine
Day 20: Rib Cage
Day 21: Intercostals
Day 22: Arms
Day 23: Wrists
Day 24: Elbows
Day 25: Shoulder
Day 26: Neck
Day 27: Jaw
Day 28: Head
Day 29: Gait & Walking
Day 30: Relaxation

Let’s make 2014 the year we dramatically improve our health and wellness! I’m cheering you on! You can do this!

Stop And Notice The Why

Weekly Practice Intention: Stop And Notice The Why

This time of year there are countless opportunities to give of ourselves. While this often brings us joy, sometimes we resent the sacrifices we are asked to make. When we do something with a spirit of frustration, we usually do more harm than good. But, that doesn’t give us a free pass to immediately turn down any request for help that doesn’t sound enticing to us.

Our yoga practice shows us another way. On the mat we often practice poses that are not our favorites. Maybe our hamstrings are tight, so we find forward bends challenging. But, we practice them anyway, because we understand that our tight hamstrings are contributing to our low back pain.

Or, it is possible that we find it difficult to stay in Savasana for 20 minutes because all of our agitation rises to the surface when we stop busying ourselves. But, we happily choose to do it, because we know that our stress dissipates when we relax deeply.

When we take a moment to notice and observe the “why” behind a request, our irritation often dissolves into joyful resolve. This week, when a request is made of you, on or off the yoga mat, give the needs behind that request an opportunity to entice you. Then only say yes when you can do so joyfully.